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Keyboard Translator software allows users to input characters in a range of languages regardless of their physical keyboard. They do not need to change the layout of the keyboard in Windows, just change it in Keyboard Translator and type.


Keyboard Translator


Translate physical keys:

Our research has shown that many users are more comfortable to write text like for chat, online discussions, e-mails, documents in their own language. Sometimes, like travelling and learning other languages, it is not possible anymore to use keyboard from their own language. To overcome the difficulty they face to type, most of the users use on-screen keyboards along with mouse. It is not so easy to type each letter and word with mouse and proper typing speed. Keyboard-translator translates the keys of your physical keyboard to your favorite language and enables to simply enjoy chatting, writing e-mails and other online discussions just directly from the physical keyboard. Additionally it also offers the traditional on-screen keyboard that can be used with mouse.



"keyboard-translator" is a portable application, meaning that you can put it on any USB stick and run it directly from there. In this way, you don't need to worry for administrator rights for an installation. Simply connect your USB stick to the PC and type from the physical keyboard. The characters of your physical keyboard will automatically be translated to your selected language.


Multilingual support:

The software is Unicode and all the languages or words including from Asia could easily be typed.


Avoid typing confusions:

The application will be displayed on the top of all other applications. This enables to directly look on the translated keyboard to find particular keys easily and avoid typing confusions.


Resizable layout:

The layout of the keyboard is resizable so you can resize it and hence all the keys. The enlarged view helps to type with clear view.


Support for Windows Vista and Windows 7:

WordTutor supports Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 operating systems. Elevation or administrative rights are not required to start or work with the software. It is possible to install the software in program files folder by using the standard setup wizard or you can simply copy the software on any other location of your hard disk or USB stick.