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WordTutor software is designed to help those who need to develop their vocabulary, language skills, general knowledge or any question/answer type of word phrases rapidly. It includes intelligent quizzes, versatile learning methods, adoptable training lists and an easy to use user interface that speeds up your mental growth and leads to higher skills in a short period of time. Below you will find all the features included in WordTutor.



Build your own dictionary:
Several times in your life you will come across a question or phrase similar to something you have already read or learned. This could be a word, term or a general knowledge question. WordTutor offers you the ability to build up your own dictionary. Additionally all the vocabulary lists and training materials are included in your personal dictionary. You could simply search for any word or term using the dictionary search function.

Save time using special training criteria:

WordTutor offers a special mechanism to train your vocabulary or general knowledge. You could start a learning session for not only memorized words but for words you learned last week or some months ago and a number of additional options. While using this approach if a word is repeated at certain intervals, it will be moved to your permanent memory.


Dual learning option:

Instead of always learning from one side to the other, WordTutor also offers the possibility to do training in the reverse order. Meaning, you can search for a word by typing its meaning. This approach is very useful and develops speaking skills quickly.



You can also download the keyboard-translator software along with WordTutor. Using this keyboard you don't need to worry about the physical keyboard layout. Simply open the software in front of you and type in your favorite language using the physical keyboard. Your typed letters will automatically be translated to the selected language.


Learn with your friends and family:

One of its exclusive features is its unique vocabulary synchronization mechanism. This feature enables you to share your vocabulary lists with your friends and family. Additionally you could also give access of your vocabulary lists to a teacher for corrections, which enables distance learning. As soon as the teacher corrects your vocabulary list, you will automatically receive the changes with one click. Additionally your teacher is able to share certain vocabulary lists on the internet for all students and keep the lists up to date. You don't need to review the teacher's vocabulary list for updates of the latest words. In fact you will be learning directly the shared vocabulary list of your teacher and all the new words will be updated automatically once you do the synchronization. In order to enable this feature you need to create an account on www.wordtutor.com and enter this information in the WordTutor application.


Import/Export facility:

You could write the vocabulary lists in any text editor as TAB separated or in CSV format and then import to WordTutor. Similarly any of your existing vocabulary could also be exported to a CSV or TAB separated text file.


Take a quiz:

This part of the software will present certain words in the form of quiz. One word will be displayed at one time. You could also do the spelling practice along with verbal. Friendly user interface enables you to keep a watch on the meaning of previous or currently displayed word.


Learn in a list:

Start your learning session by simply selecting a particular vocabulary list. The software will display the list in two columns. One column will display the actual word and the corresponding meaning of that word will be displayed in the second column. You could optionally hide the meanings to avoid sneak views. Once you learn the word, simply click or press the space key while focusing on the meaning of the word. The word will be displayed for your reference. The list view also provides the facility to mark words as memorized or not memorized by icons and text color. This function allows you to jump between memorized and un-memorized words quickly.


Support for Windows Vista and Windows 7:

WordTutor supports Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 operating systems. Elevation or administrative rights are not required to start or work with the software. The software can also be installed in program file folders by using the standard setup wizard or you can simply copy the software onto your hard disk or USB stick.


Multiuser support:

The software can be used by several users on the same computer. The users' profiles include customizable settings. This feature is especially useful when you are learning at school or at home with your family members.


Multilingual support:

The software is Unicode and all the languages or words including word from Asia can easily be trained and displayed inside the learning and quiz section.