Onshore Develoment

As an Onshore Development organisation we provide our consulting services to scope out and write detailed specifications for projects where customers don't have these skills in-house. We work closely with our customers to really understand what they are trying to achieve from a business perspective, and make sure that our proposed technical solutions are both, fit for purpose, and cost effective in that context.

We continue to work very closely with our customers throughout the project lifecycle. Therefore, we can handle change requests and even (where the commercial framework is sufficiently flexible) "feature creep" during the course of the development project itself, to ensure that our customers are delivered a solution that optimally matches their changing requirements.

We deliver extremely complex projects on schedule and to budget, both because we have extremely bright staff and because our project management methodology allows for the change management that inevitably occurs when implementing such complex projects. Again, effective communication with the customer is essential in achieving this goal.

We can operate as a truly autonomous development team, freeing the customer from the requirement of providing a technical development manager (and saving the associated cost). Our customers are never left in the dark because we communicate regularly, clearly and openly throughout the project.

We deliver an extremely high level of quality, and we always deliver. We provide peace of mind that, once commissioned, the required software will be delivered on time, work to specification and most importantly meet the business requirements it was designed to address.

We provide you with the following benefits:

  • Contractor available at your premises
  • Efficient management
  • Face to Face meetings with clients
  • No need to provide a technical development manager