Virtual Employees

  • Are you struggling to recruit affordable skills and talent?
  • Are skills shortages delaying project delivery?
  • Does your business need a larger development team?
  • Does your infrastructure prevent team growth?
  • Do you require senior IT expertise in database design, software architecture, optimisation, performance tuning and usability?
  • Are you frustrated with your current programmers who do not seem to deliver quality code in time and on budget?
  • Are you looking for programmers to work as part of your team on software projects?

We offer very attractive packages for your expanding IT staff and the savings are obvious. With our in-depth knowledge we ensure that the engineers we provide are of the highest caliber.

- Engage engineers full-time
- Engage engineers part-time
- Hire engineers temporarily

Full-time engineers:
In many projects the software engineering demand can dramatically fluctuate over a period of time. Our full time IT staff will be dedicated to your business and you can switch these engineers from one project to another according to your needs.

Part-time engineers:
We supply part-time engineers according to the requirements of our clients. They can, for example, work 2-3 days a week or a few hours a week to manage your work flow.

Temporary engineers:
Our temporary personnel will have a positive effect on your team and hence your project because of their specialised skills and expertise. You can engage them for specific projects and for peaks in workload. By the end of temporary employment, the temporary personnel can also act as a conduit for new and fresh working practices.

Our temporary engineers could even fill-in the gap experienced when employees take vacations, sickness or maternity leave.